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Colonial Sandstone Cottage House


If you're seeking a metal roofing expert for your residential or commercial roof replacement or repair needs, look no further than NJH Roofing.

How we became some of Brisbane's best metal roofers.

Starting from humble beginnings, our CEO Nathan Hayes dedicated his career to giving the best from his trade. Having worked for some of the largest metal roofing companies in Australia, to taking his profession all throughout Canada and surrounds , his experience is second to none. 

Nathan and his team have not only worked seamlessly together for some of the largest metal roofing companies , both residential and commercial , but have also built a name in the industry for being some of the most trusted and reliable roofers on the job.

He understands the need for reliable trades, that show up on time, quote efficiently and honestly , and are able to offer their expertise to jobs of all shapes and sizes. NJH is a company built from passion and drive to be able to work in a team thats efficient, and work together to ensure smooth work practices.

If you are looking for a team that take their jobs seriously, but not so much themselves, this is it. 

You will thoroughly enjoy working with NJH roofing , from the communication all the way through to the execution .

Suburban Family Home

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